The unlocking of some Huawei USB dongles, keys and modems are quite very complicated. Here in MOBIPROX UNLOCK, we provide unlocking guides for some modems for which unlocking via unlock code seems expensive. As a result, you will come across many unlocking guides that will require you flash your router or downgrade in other to unlock.

Diving back to the main objective of this article, we will limit our discussing on Huawei modems/keys that required unlock code and are easily affordable to unlock. On this page, we have provided Huawei offline unlock code calculator which a very small tools yet powerful.

Uses of the Huawei V3 offline calculator

With this wonderful tool, you can easily generate unlock code for some Huawei internet keys and pockek WiFi(especially the 3G versions).
Also, it generates flash code for the modem in question. The flash code is usually required when you want to flash a Huawei Internet USB key or pocket WiFi during unlocking or other firmware customisations.
With the offline calculator, you can generate unlock code for both old and new Huawei models. Unlock tools generates threee versions of unlock codes; V1, V2? V201. The V1 is for old models whereas, the V2 and V201 is for recent Huawei modems including some HiLink versions.

Supported models

Unlocking with the Huawei V3 offline calculator is supported by the following models of Huawei modems


E150, E1550, E1551, E1552, E1553, E155X, E153, E156, E156C, E156G, E156X, E158, E155, E156, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E1612, E1615, E1616, E166, E169, E169G, E1609, E160E, E169, E1690, E1692, E169G, E170, E171, E172, E176, E170G, E171, E172, E172G, E173, E176, E1762, E177, E1780, E180, E182E, E1803, E180G, E180S E1820, E1823, E196, E226, E270, E271, E272, E180, E1831, E188, E196, E2010, E216, E219, E220, E226, E22X, E230, E510, E612, E618, E620, E630, E630+, E660, E660A, EG162, EG162G, EG602, EG602G, E800, E870, E880, K3517, K3520, K3710 and other...


Unlock code VERSION 2 for modems 2012-2013 year: E137, E171, E173Cs-1, E1732, E173, E1815, E272, E303, 320s(E3121), E3131(420d), E362, E363, E367, E368, E369, E3276, E352, E353, E355, E357, E372, E392, E397, E398, E586, E5776 (821FT), E5776s-22, E589, E589u-12, HiLink and other...